Bob and Michele Swensen

Dear Melissa, My wife and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the absolutely wonderful and professional service and support you provided to us throughout our home buying experience in California. Due to a change in jobs, I found myself having to relocate from Long Island, New York to San Jose, California. Prior to ever arriving in California, we began our house hunting on the internet using the website. This is where we were very fortunate to find you. Having never met us and with no guarantee that we would eventually use your services, I cannot begin to tell you how impressed we were or how lucky we felt to have found someone so willing to extend their time and energy in an effort to help us find a home. If we provided the names of a few neighborhoods we were possibly interested in, within a day or so, you had investigated the area, gathered information on schools and demographics of the neighborhoods and wrote extensive e-mails back to us with your findings. I feel as though we were able to pin down a few areas before I ever boarded a plane to come to California. Once I arrived in CA, leaving my wife and kids behind in New York so the kids could complete school, you continued your service to me above and beyond what I expected. I want to thank you for your high level of service and support to me during my continued search, your willingness to spend hours with me driving neighborhoods and visiting houses and helping me a great deal through the purchase process once we found a place. I might mention to that after you had a chance to meet and talk with my wife and I during her first visit to California so we could look for a house together, you initially told us where you thought we would wind up buying based on our goals and personalities and lo and behold, that is exactly the neighborhood we wound up buying in. So to conclude, not only can I give testimony to what phenomenal service and support you provided us but you obviously have a gift for understanding your customers needs and working very hard to create just the right match between your clients and the neighborhood they would be most happy in. Again, thank you and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need of an excellent real estate agent. Bob & Michele Swensen Morgan Hill, CA

Patricia Kim

Dear Melissa: Two words for you, Thank you! Thanks for your patience, your constant communication and education for this first time homebuyer. Without you in the process, my home buying could have been frustrating and stressful but it wasn't. Your understanding of what the buyer is looking for is so refreshing it made my home buying process so much more relaxed. You knew what I wanted, we didn't waste a lot of time looking at places that didn't fit the vision--for me this is a really important factor when choosing a realtor. You have spent countless hours in educating me and answering all of my questions even though I asked them several times. If I had anyone that I would recommend it would be you. You have the commitment to do the very best for your clients. You go beyond the call of duty for us, that is so remarkable today since there are so many in the marketplace that have a license and are out to make the almighty dollar. You see beyond that! Your reliability for getting answers, meeting deadlines, keeping me informed and overall integrity is what others seem to lack in your field. You are truly one that will be recommended to any of my friends and colleagues in the future! Patricia Kim, San Jose, CA

M.A. Fox

Dear Melissa, Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with selling my home. I was thrilled to receive over the asking price. You made the entire transaction effortless on my part. I am so pleased that I decided to list my home at the price you suggested as a result of the extensive market reasearch you did, and used your guidance and suggestions to prepare my home prior to putting it on the market. Because of those things I was so fortunate not only to receive one, but three offers after only 2 days on the market! You took the time to carefully guide me through the offers outlining the strengths and weakness of each one so I could carefully and comfortably choose to accept just the right one. You then handled things beautifully through the entire escrow process all the way through the close. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone that is need of a top-notch, dedicated real estate agent! Sincerely, M.A. Fox

Rosalyn France

Dear Melissa, As we¿re now in the holiday time, reflecting back the past year and on the people who made a difference during its events, I thought of you and wanted to say thanks again for all your hard work when I bought my condo a few months ago. Looking back, I realize how little I knew as I started the homebuying process. As a first time homebuyer, the only knowledge I had was what I had learned from attending various open houses or perusing websites through the years. I really had no idea what I could afford or even what features I would like in a home, as it always seemed like the impossible dream in this rather expensive area. After speaking with you and looking at several properties, I began to realize what features I could and couldn¿t live with and found a home in an area I had not seriously considered before, but that turned out to fit my needs and wants. From making the initial offer to closing the sale and getting my keys, you were there to answer any questions I had relating to the purchase. Even when I had some difficulties with my mortgage paperwork process, you took on that challenge to keep in touch with my chosen lender to ensure all documentation was prepared correctly and on time. I honestly had no idea what paperwork I needed for whom or when, but you eased most of my worries by coordinating throughout the entire escrow process. I still had some first-time home buyer jitters, but those were probably unavoidable for someone who had rented for 12 years. Even now that the sale is over and I¿m moved in, you¿ve emailed me to say you¿re still around if I need any recommendations for home improvement or repair, or if I have questions about anything. I really appreciate knowing you¿re still available to me with your extensive list of industry contacts. Thanks again, Melissa, for making this process so much easier on me. I learned of your excellent service from a coworker of mine who had recently worked with you to buy a house. I have thanked him for such a good recommendation, but the only way I can really thank you is by passing along your name and contact information to any potential homebuyers I know, along with stories of my positive experience in working with you. Happy holidays, Rosalyn France

Matt and Emily Ramirez

Dear Melissa, Thank you so much for making our first home purchase as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. We had tried several times to begin the process of buying a home in the past, but always ended feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. A few months ago we decided to try it one more time. This experience was great! You worked with our busy schedule to show us different houses, answer tons of questions over the phone, and really educate us on the home buying experience and what to look for. You even introduced us to a great lender. We were really focused on finding a house big enough for our family, but not too big for our budget. Thanks to you we were the first offer on a great house in the exact neighborhood we were looking in. Plus the house met our most important criteria of all... our kids didn't have to change schools! We moved in a couple weeks ago and showed our kids the new house on Christmas day. After all the years of talking about it, it's hard to believe we finally bought a home. Thanks for all your help. Sincerely, Matt and Emily Ramirez

Sonya and Brian Duke

Melissa, Thank you so much for all of your help! We are so lucky to have found you. You have been absolutely wonderful to work with and have made our transition back to CA a lot easier! Thanks again for everything!

George and Cindy Klatt

Melissa, I'm writing to let you know how pleased we were with your performance as our listing agent. We left everything in your capable hands and you handled everything professionally and with a sense of urgency. What a relief not having to be stressed with all the hundreds of details that need to be delt with when selling a home. You always had our best interest at heart and it showed every step of the way. Your guidance and advice was invaluable. With Heartfelt Thanks, Cindy and George Klatt

Paula Sogaro

Dear Melissa, I have never met another professional, caring, knowledgeable, helpful, down to earth listing agent like you. I have previously owned 7 houses in different states and the process was never as pleasant as it was with you. I have never been treated like you treated me. I did not worry about anything while you sold my house and helped me purchased the condo, I knew I was in good hands. You took the time to listen, explain and guide me through the entire process. I noticed every single little thing you did for me. You gave me more than 100% and for that I am grateful. I have been talking about you to my friends and co-workers because you truly deserve it. I know you will build a huge network of customers because you have the right attitude, & you have what it takes to be a successful listing agent and you truly care for your clients. Thank you Melissa! I will not forget you and when the time comes you will be the one selling my present property.
- Paula Sogaro San Jose, CA

Shara Martin

Melissa Haugh is the best real estate agent I have ever worked with and I’ve worked with many. Her follow through is excellent. She has many talents which include: sales, marketing, negotiation, problem solving, organization, great people skills and experience. Trust me, you want her representing you -- especially when deals are going through rough patches. She can stand her ground and be tough if needed. I had a great experience and would definitely do another transaction with Melissa!
-Shara M, Los Gatos

Mariah Dabel and Miguel Carrillo

Thank you for providing Miguel and I with such great service and support during this process. It was not nearly as scary as many of our friends' experiences buying a first home and I think it's because you kept us educated every step of the way. I've talked endlessly to friends about how great you've been with us. Miguel and I really like the way you get things done and we feel so fortunate to have found you!
Mariah Dabel & Miguel Carrillo-San Jose

Heddy Perez

Dear Melissa, Words alone can not express our thanks to you for being so supportive not only in the selling of our home but, in helping up find another one.  We wanted to down size and you helped us get exactly what we were looking for.  You were very sensitive to our requirements and the area we wanted to stay located in.  Your sensitivity though a tough family loss at the time of our transaction was so appreciated and you made it so much less stressful for me especially during such a grieving process that I was going through. I can't thank you enough for that alone.  Your extreme knowledge of the market, support and constant communication made me feel so much at ease and knowing that everything was being handled by such a professional I had no worries.  Trust to me is such an essential part of life and you will always have my trust and my recommendation to anyone I know needing an excellent listing agent.  We were so lucky to have you. Again, thanks so much for everything.

 - Heddy and Emerick Perez

Amanda and Gordon Turner

Melissa-Just wanted to say thank you so much for being with us every step of the way in selling and buying. You made the whole process pain and stress-free, which is a priceless service. Everything you did made us feel confidant we had chosen the right realtor, and the end result showed us we were right. You provide amazing service and we’ll always be grateful. And we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone thinking of buying or selling! Thanks again for making both transactions go so smoothly; we know it was due to your competence and abilities.

- Gordon and Amanda Turner

Mike Hornig

Melissa, It was a pleasurable and painless (that's important too!) experience working with you. If I come across anyone in need of a realtor, I would feel confident that I am doing them a service by referring them to you. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time.
-Mike Hornig, Pleasanton

Joyce and Randall Wong


Though it has been a couple of months since we have met, we wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your professionalism and expertise. You were so diligent in ensuring that the right home would be in our ownership. Do know that your efforts of your team does not go unnoticed. We loved getting to know you through the process and hope to continue a life-long friendship. Thank you so much for your care and success! We hope to keep in touch!
Love, Randall and Joyce Wong :)